Postnatal Massage A Massage after Childbirth

Postnatal massage -childbirth

Emotionally and physically balanced parents have time and energy to take care of their newborn baby. Massage helps the new mother release any stress and tension that may have built up during the pregnancy and birth.

Massage after childbirth is enormously beneficial for the new mother

After a woman has given childbirth, she may experience emotional ups and downs caused by hormonal changes. These may vary from a momentary bout of "baby blues" to more serious feelings. There are many pressures, and the demands of a new baby and the accompanying workload may be excessive. This situation can cause anxieties, depression, and a feeling of isolation.

Take time to pamper yourself. Acknowledge that you are more important than the seemingly endless tasks. If the parents' needs are neglected, they will not be able to cope with their baby's needs. Emotionally and physically balanced parents have time and energy to take care of their baby.

Massage helps the mother release any stress and tension that may have built up during the pregnancy

Aromatherapy can play an important part after childbirth too. The essential oils not only have antibiotic, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties, but they are emotionally and spiritually uplifting.

The following instructions are addressed to the massage giver. 

face massage

Prepare a face oil of your partner's choice, but if she is breastfeeding remember that some essential oils may affect the production of milk. The dilution is 5 drops of essential oil in 1 oz (30 ml) of base carrier oil. Jojoba is delightful base oil, but a little may be added to sweet almond, extra virgin olive oil, or grapeseed oil to reduce the cost. Again, do not exceed the dilution ratio of essential oil to base carrier oil. Since so small a quantity is required you may be able to afford one of the more expensive essential oils. Neroli, rose,

chamomile or lavender would all be suitable for a face massage Stand behind your partner and using upward strokes, apply the oil up the neck and the face.

1. Using your palms, stroke your partner's forehead with alternating hands. Make the action smooth and continuous

2. Gently squeeze along her eyebrows with your first finger and thumb, sliding off onto the temple.

3. With the pads of your thumbs, which are pointing towards each other across the forehead just above the eyebrow ridge, press and slide repeatedly until you reach the temple area. Here, lightly direct the tips of your thumbs into the area to assist drainage of the lymphatic vessels. Never use pressure in this sensitive spot. Continue working up the forehead to the hairline in the manner described.

4. With only the lightest touch of your fingertips, slide around the eye socket. Ensure that no oil gets into your partner's eyes at any time and that you do not stretch the delicate skin here.

5. Massage either side of the nose with circular movements, then continue along with the cheekbones to the temples to encourage sinus drainage.

6. Gently pinch around the cars and pull the ear lo

7. Slide your fingers down to the center of the jaw small circles move out to the end of the jawbone. help to tone the muscles and to drain the lymphatic vessels.

8. Finish the massage with upward strokes on the neck.


Abdominal massage therapy

Stand to the right of your partner. Apply the oil with the palm of your hand, working clockwise.

1. Place your right hand on your partner's solar plexus (the heel of your hand is placed just above the navel, with the fingers pointing up under the rib cage) while the palm of your left hand is held over the inside of your partner's right elbow. This position allows polarity flow, which is the movement of electrical energy through the body. In Western terms, it is positive and negative, in Eastern thought it is an aspect of yin and yang.

2. Place the points of your thumbs on the lower edge of the breastbone (sternum), now run them outwards under the rib cage, so that your fingers slide under the waist until the fingertips touch. Make sure your left foot is forward in a lunge position, with your right foot well back. Keeping your back straight to avoid strain, lean back as you lift your partner slightly while stretching along the top of her hips. To drain the lymph fluids, direct the fingertips down to the groin pressing softly through the abdominal tissues. Repeat this movement several times.

Arms massage

Hand and arm massage is an excellent way to ease tired muscles. Apply oil with smooth effleurage strokes sliding up the arm and returning to the hand.

1. Hold your partner's left hand while doing wringing, sliding squeezes in a kneading action up her arm. Use your finger pads to circle the elbow. Continue to the shoulder. Slide back down the arm and place a cushion under her elbow.

2. Workaround the wrist with your thumbs then slide onto the palm. Mobilize the carpals (finger bones) by moving them up and down with both your hands. Stroke along with each finger, then gripping each lightly, lean back to traction it.

3. Complete this section with a light fingertip stroking down the arm and off the fingers.

4. Repeat the massage on the right arm.

Ankles Massage

After birth, some women will find that they have edema (fluid retention of the ankles. Bathing in warm water (not hot) and gentle massage will help. Wrap the hand around the foot and stroke upwards. From the ankle upwards wrap both hands around the leg and move smoothly upwards. Use 2 drops each of geranium and cypress oils for the bathing. Frequent rests with the legs elevated will help overcome this condition.

Breast care

Breast massage is very soothing during the first few days after delivery. To stimulate lactation use 10 drops of sweet fennel oil to 3/4 oz (20 ml) of sweet almond oil. Massage the breasts with the palms in a circular movement. TU

Start under the arm and follow the breast around and up between the cleavage. Do not get any oil on the nipples. Massage the breasts after a feed. Make sure the massage oil is completely washed away before feeding the baby. This massage may be done twice a day.

For engorgement, chamomile and lavender compresses will help. Fill a small bowl with cool water and add a few drops of the essential oil; agitate well to disperse the oil Place a cotton cloth, washcloth, or small towel on top of the water, squeeze out, and apply to the breasts after the baby has been fed.

Back massage

After the strain of pregnancy, childbirth, and the constant lifting of the baby, the women's back will benefit from a massage. It will help to tone tired muscles and stretched ligaments. Use a relaxing essential oil such as lavender in a blend. Follow the sequence outlined earlier.

Perineal care

There can be damage to the perineal tissue during childbirth Use a basin or a sitz (hip) bath prepared with 2 drops of lavender, marjoram, cypress, or juniper. Agitate the water to disperse the essential oils. Such bathing will improve the skin and hasten the healing around the perineal region.


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